Texas Judicial Seats on the 2018 Ballot

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SC2Don Willett*
-Appointed 2005
12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
SC4John Devine*12/31/2018Elected 11/7/2012
SC6Jeff Brown*12/31/2018Elected 11/8/2012; Appointed 9/26/13
CCA,PJSharon Keller*12/31/2018Elected 11/9/2012
CCA7Barbara Hervey*12/31/2018Elected 11/10/2012
CCA8Elsa Alcala*12/31/2018Elected 11/11/2012
1COA,PL2Jane Bland*12/31/2018Elected 11/12/2012
1COA,PL6Harvey G. Brown*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
1COA,PL7Terry Jennings*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
1COA,PL8Michael C. Massengale*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
1COA,PL9Rebecca A. Huddle*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
2COA,CJTerrie Livingston*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
2COA,PL4Bonnie Sudderth*12/31/2018Appointed 1/1/2015
2COA,PL5Sue Walker*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
2COA,PL6Mark T.Pittman*12/31/2018Appointed 1/6/2017
3COA,PL2Cindy Bourland*12/31/2018Appointed 1/1/2015
3COA,PL3Scott Field*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
3COA,PL4Melissa Goodwin*12/31/2018Elected 11/8/2016
3COA,PL5David Puryear*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
3COA,PL6Bob Pemberton*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
4COA,PL2Marialyn Barnard*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
4COA,PL3Patricia O. Alvarez*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
4COA,PL4Luz Elena D. Chapa*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
4COA,PL5Karen Angelini*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
4COA,PL7Rebeca A. Martinez*Shane Stolarczyk12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
5COA,CJCarolyn Wright*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
5COA,PL2David Evans*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
5COA,PL5Craig Stoddart*12/31/2018Unopposed 11/4/2014; Appointed 8/2014
5COA,PL9Jason E. Boatright*12/31/2018Appointed 1/1/2017
5COA,PL10Molly Francis*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
5COA,PL11Douglas S. Lang*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
5COA,PL12Robert (Bob) M. Fillmore*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
5COA,PL13Elizabeth Lang-Miers*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
6COA,PL2Bailey C. Moseley*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
7COA,PL2Mackey K. Hancock*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
7COA,PL3Patrick A. Pirtle*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
8COA,PL2Yvonne T. Rodriguez*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
9COA.PL3Leanne Johnson*12/31/2018Elected 11/4/2014; Appointed 11/13/2013
9COA,PL4Hollis Horton*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
10COA,CJTom Gray*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
11COA,CJJim R. Wright*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
12COA,CJGreg Neeley*12/31/2018Elected 1/1/2015
13COA,CJRogelio Valdez*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
13COA,PL2Nora Longoria*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
13COA,PL4Nelda V. Rodriguez*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
13COA,PL5Gina M. Benavides*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
14COA,PL3Brett Busby*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
14COA,PL4Marc Brown*12/31/2018Elected 11/4/2014; Appointed 10/7/2013
14COA,PL5Martha Hill Jamison*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
14COA,PL6William J. Boyce*12/31/2018Elected 11/6/2012
14COA,PL8John Donovan*12/31/2018 Elected 11/6/2012

2018: Judicial Profiles & Comparisons

Judicial Seats on the Ballot in 2018

This list will be separated into Primary and General Election Races at a later date.  Information updated as candidate information becomes available.

9 Justices, Statewide, Based in Austin
Place 2:  Don Willett* (R)
Place 4:  John Devine* (R)
Place 6:  Jeff Brown* (R)  

9 Justices, Statewide, Based in Austin
Presiding Judge:  Sharon Keller* (R)
Place 7:  Barbara Hervey* (R)
Place 8:  (Elsa Alcala* (R) not seeking re-election) Kim H. Alexander  (?)

1st Court of Appeals
9 Justices, 10 Counties, Based in Houston, Concurrent Jurisdiction with 14th Court of Appeals
Place 2:  Jane Bland* (R)
Place 6:  Harvey G. Brown* (R)
Place 7:  Terry Jennings* (D) v.Terry Yates (R)
Place 8:  Michael C. Massengale* (R)
Place 9:  Rebeca Huddle* (R) 

2nd Court of Appeals
7 Justices, 12 Counties, Based in Fort Worth
Chief Justice:  Bonnie Sudderth* (R)
Place 4:  Terrie Livingston* (R)
Place 5:  Sue Walker* (R)
Place 6:  Mark T. Pittman* (R)  

3rd Court of Appeals
6 Justices, 24 Counties, Based in Austin
Place 2:  Cindy Bourland* (R)
Place 3:  Scott Field* (R) 
Place 5:  David Puryear* (R)
Place 6:  Bob Pemberton* (R) 

4th Court of Appeals
7 Justices, 32 Counties, Based in San Antonio
Place 2:  Marialyn Barnard* (R), Beth Watkins (?)
Place 3:  Patricia O. Alvarez* (D) v. Jason   (R)
Place 4:  Luz Elena D. Chapa* (D) v. Stephen P. Ballantyne (R)
Place 5:  Liza Rodriguez (D) v. Rebecca Simmons (R)  (Karen Angelini* (R) not seeking re-election) 
Place 7:  Rebeca A. Martinez* (D) v. Shane Stolarczyk (R)

5th Court of Appeals
13 Justices, 6 Counties, Based in Dallas
Chief Justice:  Carolyn Wright* (R)
Place 2:  David Evans* (R)
Place 5:   Craig Stoddart* (R)
Place 9:   Jason E. Boatright* (R)
Place 10:  Molly Francis* (R)
Place 11:  Douglas S. Lang* (R), Tom Nowak (R)
Place 12:  Robert (Bob) M. Fillmore* (R)
Place 13:  Elizabeth Lang-Miers* (R) 

6th Court of Appeals
3 Justices, 19 Counties, Based in Texarkana
Place 2:  Bailey C. Moseley* (R), Scott English Stevens (?)

7th Court of Appeals
4 Justices, 32 Counties, Based in Amarillo
Place 2:   Mackey K. Hancock* (R)
Place 3:   Patrick A. Pirtle* (R), Bryan D. Denham (?)

8th Court of Appeals
3 Justices, 18 Counties, Based in El Paso
Place 2:  Yvonne T. Rodriguez* (D) 

9th Court of Appeals
4 Justices, 10 Counties, Based in Beaumont
Place 3:   Leanne Johnson* (R)
Place 4:   Hollis Horton* (R) 

10th Court of Appeals
3 Justices, 18 Counties, Based in Waco
Chief Justice:   Tom Gray* (R) 

11th Court of Appeals
3 Justices, 28 Counties, Based in Eastland
Chief Justice:   Jim Wright* (R) 

12th Court of Appeals
3 Justices, 17 Counties, Based in Tyler
Place 3:  Greg Neeley* (R) 

13th Court of Appeals
6 Justices, 20 Counties, Based in Corpus Christi and Edinburg
Chief Justice:   (Rogelio Valdez* (D) not seeking re-election)  Dori Contreras (D) 
Place 2:   Nora Longoria* (D)
Place 4:   Nelda V. Rodriguez* (D),  Jaime Tijerina (R), Rodolfo Delgado (?)
Place 5:   Gina M. Benavides* (D)

14th Court of Appeals
9 Justices, 10 Counties, Based in Houston, Concurrent Jurisdiction with 1st Court of Appeals
Place 3:   Brett Busby* (R)
Place 4:   Marc Brown* (R)
Place 5:   Martha Hill Jamison* (R)
Place 6:   William J. Boyce* (R)
Place 8:   John Donovan* (R) 

2016: Judicial Profiles & Comparisons

November General Election Races (November 8, 2016)

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