Judge Races 2014

See Secretary of State website for official data.
All Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals terms are 6 years.

COMPLETE RESULTS OF THE 2012 TEXAS GENERAL ELECTION https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/enr/results/nov06_164.htm

Primary Runoff Election is May 27, 2014.  General election Day is November 4, 2014. Early Voting Begins October 20, 2014 and Ends October 31, 2014

PLEASE BE AWARE that Ethics report figures below include funds Raised from the indicated report PLUS funds raised in all reports since July 2013.  The COH (Cash on Hand) and Loans numbers are from the indicated report only. 
* denotes incumbent

SCOT Supreme Court of Texas Statewide Based in Austin  

COMPARE Hecht v Moody
Nathan Hecht* (R)
60.48% in March Primary
Appointed 9/10/13
Ethics: 2015569578
Raised  1,268,587 
COH  169,751 
Loans  0
Bill Moody (D)
100.00% in March Primary
Ethics: 20501
Raised  10,000 
COH  3,264 
Loans  0
Tom Oxford (L)
Ethics: 55017
Place 6

COMPARE Brown v Meyers
Jeff Brown* (R)
71.90% in March Primary
Appointed 9/26/13
Ethics: 5170666059
Raised  940,985 
COH  62,025 
Loans  0
Lawrence “Larry” Meyers (D)
100.00% in March Primary
Ethics: 20530
Raised  1,000
COH  441
Loans  92,387
Mark Ash (L)
Ethics: 68347
Place 7

COMPARE Boyd v Benavides
Jeff Boyd* (R)
100.00% in March Primary
Filed 11/12/13
Ethics: 6877268755
Raised  751,763
COH  559,908
Loans  0
Gina Benavides (D)
100.00% in March Primary
Ethics: 43618
Raised  31,851
COH  10,040 
Loans  0
Don Fulton (L)
Ethics: 69879

Charles Waterbury (G)
Ethics: 59044
Place 8

Phil Johnson* (R)
64.02% in March Primary
Filed 11/11/13
Ethics: 3663657592
Raised  812,376
COH  55,623
Loans  0
  Roberto Koelsch (L)
Ethics: 68346

Jim Chisolm (G)
Ethics: 69865

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Statewide Based in Austin
Place 3

COMPARE Richardson v Granberg
Bert Richardson (R)
60.38% in March Primary
Announced 7/20/13
Ethics: 41161
Raised  35,576
COH  6,053
Loans  4,500
John Granberg (D)
100.00% in March Primary
Ethics: 69694
Raised  1,030
COH  638
Loans  0
Mark Bennett (L)
Ethics: 68344
Place 4

Kevin Patrick Yeary (R)
54.67% in March Primary
Ethics: 68992
Raised  38,017
COH  4,819
Loans  3,005
  Quanah Parker (L)
Ethics: 53067

Judith Sanders-Castro (G)
Ethics: 69866
Place 9

David Newell (R)
52.27% in March Primary
Ethics: 69339
Raised  33,610 
COH  7,666
Loans  0
  William B. Strange III (L) Ethics: 63082

George Joseph Altgelt (G)
Ethics: 69867
1st COA 1st Court of Appeals
Based in Houston 10 counties
Place 3

COMPARE Sharp v Lloyd
Russell Lloyd (R)
50.48% in March Primary
Ethics: 20202
Raised  50,137 
COH  13,305 
Loans  29,250
Jim Sharp* (D)
100.00% in March Primary
Ethics: 54854
Raised  20,160 
COH  25,083 
Loans  0
Place 5 Laura Carter Higley* (R)
Ethics: 51161
Raised  73,150
COH  48,531 
Loans  0
2nd COA 2nd Court of Appeals
Based in Fort Worth 12 counties
Place 2 Bill Meier* (R)
Ethics: 61537
Raised  15,000
COH  9,786 
Loans  0
Place 7 Lee Gabriel* (R)
Ethics: 20056
Raised  26,030 
COH  34,609
Loans  0
3rd COA 3rd Court of Appeals
Based in Austin, 24 counties
Chief Justice

COMPARE Rose v Henson
Jeff Rose (R)
Announced 10/10/13
Ethics: 66027
Raised  162,453 
COH  148,511 
Loans  0
Diane Henson (D)
Ethics: 54948
Raised  116,542 
COH  45,408 
Loans  0
4th COA 4th Court of Appeals
Based in San Antonio, 32 counties
Chief Justice
COMPARE Marion v Rios
Sandee Bryan Marion (R) Ethics: 51815
Raised  227,623
COH  208,968 
Loans  0
Irene Rios (D)
Ethics: 69633
Raised  75,433 
COH  98,934
Loans  0
5th COA 5th Court of Appeal
Based in Dallas, 6 counties
Place 3 Ada Brown* (R) 
Appointed by Gov. Perry 9/3/13 Ethics: 62544
Raised  50,697 
COH  0 
Loans  0
Place 6 David L. Bridges* (R)
Ethics: 21105
Raised  2,800 
COH  1,382 
Loans  0
Place 8 Bill Whitehill (R)
Filed 11/25/13
Announced 10/3/13
Ethics: 67612
Raised  68,646 
COH  42,372
Loans  1,000
6th COA 6th Court of Appeals
Based in Texarkana, 19 counties
Place 3 Ralph K Burgess (R)
Ethics: 53722
Raised  0
COH  17,546
Loans  0
7th COA 7th Court of Appeals
Based in Amarillo, 32 counties
Chief Justice Brian Quinn* (R)
Ethics: 24364
Raised  0
COH  6,274
Loans  0
8th COA 8th Court of Appeals
Based in El Paso, 17 counties
Chief Justice

Ann Crawford McClure(D)
52.66% in March Primary
Ethics: 26247
Raised  79,277
COH  2,339
Loans  9,956
9th COA 9th Court of Appeals
Based in Beaumont, 10 counties
Chief Justice Steve McKeithen* (R)
Ethics: 51814
Raised  0
COH  2,425
Loans  0
Place 3

Leanne Johnson* (R)
56.15% in March Primary
Appointed 11/13/13
Ethics: 69695
Raised  52,834 
COH  8,942 
Loans  10,000
10th COA 10th Court of Appeals
Based in Waco, 18 counties
Place 2 Rex Davis* (R)
Ethics: 33895
Raised  35,955
COH  16,260
Loans  0
11th COA 11th Court of Appeals
Based in Eastland, 28 counties
Place 2 Mike Willson* (R)
Ethics: 67926
Raised 537
COH 1,899
Loans 11,250
 Place 3

John Bailey(R)
56.37% in March Primary
Appointed 10/2013
Ethics: 69613
Raised  27,681
COH  2,154 
Loans  5,000
12th COA 12th Court of Appeals
Based in Tyler, 17 counties
Chief Justice James T. (Jim) Worthen* (R) Ethics: 36395
Raised  0
COH  37,757 
Loans  0
13th COA 13th Court of Appeals
Based in Corpus Christi/Edinburg,
20 counties
Place 6

COMPARE Garza v Norman
Doug Norman (R)
64.43% in March Primary
Ethics: 41483
Raised  2,300
COH  2,737 
Loans  2,600
Dori Contreras Garza* (D)
100.00% in March Primary
Ethics: 51411
Raised  123,290 
COH  55,350 
Loans  0
14th COA 14th Court of Appeals
Based in Houston, 10 counties
Chief Justice

COMPARE Frost v Carter
Kem T. Frost* (R)
Ethics: 39736
Raised  45,450 
COH  43,636 
Loans  0
Kyler Carter (D)
Ethics: 62560
Raised  143,040 
COH  81,404 
Loans  0
Place 4 Marc Brown* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 10/7/2013 Ethics: 66037
Raised  2,500
COH  17,500 
Loans  0
Place 7

COMPARE Wise v Goodman
Ken Wise* (R)
Ethics: 5285352854
Raised  92,205 
COH  155,174 
Loans  0
Gordon E. Goodman (D)
Ethics: 69365
Raised  5,595
COH  3,312
Loans  3,500

State District Courts



Hildago County


Jaime E. Tijerina* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 10/3/13

Luis Manuel Singleterry (D) 
57.79% in March Primary




Bexar County


Renee McElhaney (R)
Edna Elizonda (D) 
51.95% in March Primary




Harris County


Patricia Kerrigan* (R) Farrah Martinez (D)  






 1-A  Jasper, Newton, Tyler  DeLinda L. Gibbs-Walker (R)  Jerome P. Owens, Jr.* (D)

Bowie, Cass  Ralph K. Burgess* (R)
Elected to 6th COA, Place 3
Sworn in January 2015
 30  Wichita  Robert P. Brotherton* (R)
Filed 11/19/13
 31 Gray, Hemphill, Lipcomb, Roberts, Wheller  Steven R. Emmert* (R)
 36  Aransas, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen, San Patricio  Starr B. Bauer* (R)
 39  Haskell, Kent, Stonewall, Throckmorton  Shane Hadaway* (D)
 40  Ellis  Bob Carroll* (R)
 44 Dallas Bonnie Goldstein (D)
65.92% in March Primary

Bexar Stephani Walsh (R)
54.94% in March Primary
John Bustamante (D)
46.41% in Primary
51.31% Runoff
 46 Foard, Hardeman, Wilbarger  Dan Mike Bird* (D)
 47  Armstrong, Potter, Randall  Daniel Schaap* (R)
 49  Webb, Zapata  Joe Lopez* (D)
 54 McLennan  Matt Johnson* (R)
 55 Harris  Jeff Shadwick* (R)  Kay Morgan (D)
 58 Jefferson Thomas Rugg* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 4/3/14
Kent Walston (D)
 64  Castro, Hale, Swisher  Rob W. Kinkaid, Jr.* (R)
 66  Hill Lee Harris (R)
81% in March Primary
 Bob McGregor, Jr.* (D)
 68 Dallas  Martin Hoffman* (D)
 69  Dallam, Hartley, Moore, Sherman  Ron Enns* (R)
 70  Ector  Denn Whalen* (R)
 75  Liberty  Mark Morefield* (R)
 81  Atascosa, Frio, Karnes, La Salle, Wilson  Donna Rayes* (D)
 82  Falls, Robertson  Robert M. Stem* (D)
 83 Pecos  Robert Cadena* (R) F. David Ortiz (D)
68.75% in March Primary
 85  Brazos  Kyle Hawthorne (R)
Kaufman Casey Blaire (R)
36.58% Primary
58.15% Runoff
 87  Anderson, Freestone, Leon, Limestone  Deborah Oakes Evans* (R)
 92 Hildago  Jaime E. Tijerina* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 10/3/13
Luis Manuel Singleterry (D)
57.79% in March Primary
 94  Nueces  Bobby Galvan* (D)
 101 Dallas Staci Williams (D)
63.20% in March Primary
 102 Bowie,
Red River
 Bobby Lockhart* (D)
 103  Cameron  Janet Leal* (D)
 105 Kenedy, Kleberg, Nueces  Jack Pulcher (R)
53.4% in March Primary
 Rose Meza Harrison (D)
 106  Dawson, Gaines, Garza, Lynn  Carter T. Schildknecht* (R)
 107  Cameron  Benjamin Euresti, Jr.* (D)
 109  Andrews, Crane, Winkler  Martin Muncy* (R)
 110  Briscoe, Dickens, Floyd, Motley  William P. Smith* (R)
 111  Webb  Monica Zapata Notzon* (D)
 112  Crockett, Pecos, Reagan, Sutton, Upton  Pete Gomez, Jr.* (D)
 113 Harris  Michael Landrum* (R) Steven E. Kirkland (D)
51.97% in March Primary
 115  Marion, Upshur  Lauren Parish* (D)
 116 Dallas  Tonya Parker* (D)
 117  Nueces  Sandra Watts* (D)
 118  Glasscock, Howard, Martin  Timothy Yeats* (R)
 120  El Paso  Maria Salas-Mendoza* (D)
 122  Galveston  John Ellisor* (R)
 134 Dallas Dale Tillery* (D)
 137 Lubbock  John “Trey” McClendon* (R)
 141  Tarrant  John P. Chupp* (R)

Bexar Lorina Rummel (R)
40.47% in Primary
54.74% Runoff
Paul Vasquez (D)
 147  Travis  Clifford A. Brown* (D)
 148  Nueces  Guy Williams* (R) Augustin “Augie” Rivera, Jr. (D)
54.63% in March Primary
 149  Brazoria  Terri Tipton Holder* (R)
 150 Bexar Renee McElhaney (R) Edna Elizonda (D)
51.95% in March Primary
 154 Lamb  Felix Klein* (R)
 155  Austin, Fayette, Waller  Jeff Steinhauser* (R)
 156  Aransas, Bee, Live Oak, McMullen, San Patricio  Patrick Flanigan (R)  Joel B. Johnson* (D)
 157 Harris  Randy Wilson* (R)  Jim Peacock (D)
 158  Denton  Steve Burgess* (R)
 159  Angelina  Paul E. White* (R)
 160 Dallas  Jim Jordan* (D)
 168  El Paso   Marcos Lizarraga* (D)
52.65% in March Primary
 169  Bell  Gordon Adams* (R)
 170  McLennan  Jim Meyer* (R)
 171  El Paso  Bonnie Rangel* (D)
 172  Jefferson  Rick Williams (R)  Donald J. Floyd* (D)
 173  Henderson  Willis Daniel Moore* (R)
 180 Harris  Catherine Evans* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 10/2013
 Randy Roll (D)
 181  Potter, Randall  John B. Board* (R)
 182 Harris  Jeannine Barr* (R)
 183 Harris  Vanessa Velasquez* (R)
 184 Harris  Jan Krocker* (R)  Mark Thering (D)
 185 Harris  Susan Brown* (R)  Mack McInnis (D)
Bexar  Jefferson K. Moore (R) Mary T. Green (D)
50.14% in March Primary
 187 Bexar Steve Hilbig (R)  Stephanie Boyd (D)
50.26% in March Primary
 188  Gregg  David Brabham* (R)
 189 Harris  William “Bill” Burke, Jr.* (R)  Ursula Hall (D)
 190 Harris  Patricia Kerrigan* (R)  Farrah Martinez (D)
 191 Dallas  Gena Slaughter* (D)
 192 Dallas  Craig Smith* (D)
 193 Dallas  Carl Ginsberg* (D)
 194 Dallas  Ernest White* (D)
 195 Dallas  Fred Tinsley* (D)
 196  Hunt Andrew Bench (R)
60.49% in March Primary
 197  Cameron, Willacy  Midgalia Lopez* (D)
 198  Bandera, Kerr  Rex Emerson* (R)
 201  Travis  Amy Clark Meachum* (D)
 203 Dallas  Teresa Hawthorne* (D)
 204 Dallas Tammy Kemp (D)
60.73% in March Primary
El Paso, Hudspeth
Francisco X. Dominguez (D)
54.95% Runoff
 206 Hildago  Rose Guerra Reyna* (D)
 207  Caldwell, Comal, Hays  Jack H. Robison* (R)
 208 Harris  Denise Collins* (R)  Chuck Silverman (D)
 209 Harris  Michael “Mike” McSpadden* (R)
 210  El Paso  Gonzalo Garcia* (D)
 211  Denton  Brody Shanklin (R)

 Galveston Patricia V. Grady (R)
41.65% Primary
51.3% Runoff
Ethics: 69207
Raised  253,429
COH  53,149
Loans  0
 217  Angelina Robert Inselmann (R)

 Atascosa, Frio, Karnes, La Salle, Wilson  Russell Wilson (R) Carrie Moy (D)
Sylvia Rodriguez (D)
 219  Collin  Scott J. Becker* (R)
 220  Bosque, Comanche, Hamilton  Phil Robertson* (R)
 221 Montgomery  Lisa Benge Michalk* (R)
 222  Deaf Smith, Oldham  Roland Saul* (R)
 223  Phil Vanderpool* (R)
 224 Bexar  Cathy Stryker* (R)  Lauro A. Bustamante (D)
51.03% in March Primary
 225 Gray  Peter Sakai* (D)
 226 Bexar  Sid L. Harle* (R)
Bexar Kevin O’Connell (R)
70.56% in March Primary
Tony Jimenez (D)
 228 Harris  Marc Carter* (R)
 229  Duval, Jim Hogg, Starr  Ana Lisa Garza* (D)
 230 Harris  Bradley “Brad” Hart* (R)  Greg Glass (D)
 231  Tarrant  Jesus E. Nevarez Jr. (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 7/31/13
50.47% in March Primary
 232 Harris  Mary Lou Keel* (R)
 233  Tarrant  William “Bill” Harris* (R)
 234 Harris  Wesley Ward* (R)  Barbara Gardner (D)
 236  Tarrant  Thomas W. Lowe, III* (R)
 237  Lubbock  Les Hatch* (R)
 238  Midland  Elizabeth Leonard* (R)
 239  Brazoria  Patrick Sebesta* (R)
 240  Fort Bend  Thomas R. Culver, III* (R)
 241  Smith  Jack M. Skeen, Jr.* (R)
 242 Castro, Hale, Swisher Lowell Kregg Hukill (R)  Christopher Brown (D)
 243 El Paso  Luis Aguilar* (D)
51.85% in March Primary
 244 Ector  James Rush* (R)
 245 Harris  Roy L. Moore* (R)
 246 Harris Charley Prine, Jr. (R)
78.43% in March Primary
Sandra Peake (D)
51.06% in March Primary

Harris John Schmude (R)
36.46% Primary
51.6% Runoff
 Clinton “Chip” Wells, Jr. (D)
 248 Harris  Katherine Cabaniss* (R)  Shawna Reagin (D)
 249  Johnson, Somervell  Wayne Bridewell* (R)
 250 Travis  Karin Crump (D)
 251 Potter, Randall  Ana Estevez* (R)
Jefferson  Carolyn Drawhorn Wiedenfeld (R) Raquel West (D)
38.61% Primary
56.2% Runoff
 253  Chambers, Liberty  Chap Cain* (R)
 254 Dallas  James Martin* (D)
 255 Dallas Kim A. Cooks (D)
59.76% in March Primary
 256 Dallas  David Lopez* (D)
 257 Harris  Judy Warne* (R)
San Jacinto, Trinity
 E.L. “Ernie” McClendon (R) 
47.26% Primary
55.04% Runoff
 Joe Roth (D)
 259  Jones, Shachelford  Brooks H. Hagler* (D)
 260  Orange  Buddie J. Hahn* (R)
 261  Travis  Lora Livingston* (D)
 262 Harris  Denise Bradley* (R)  Jules Johnson (D)
 263 Harris Jim Wallace* (R)
57.73% in March Primary
 Herb Ritchie (D)
 264  Bell  Martha Jane Trudo* (R)
56% in March Primary
 265 Dallas  Lisa DeWitt (R) Jennifer Bennett (D)
68.51% in March Primary
 266  Erath  Jason Cashon* (R)
 267  Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Jackson, Refugio, Victoria  Juergen (Skipper) Koetter* (R)
 268 Fort Bend  Brady G. Elliott* (R)
 269 Harris  Daniel E. Hinde* (R)
67.10% in March Primary
 George H. Arnold (D)
 270 Harris  Brent Gamble* (R)  James Hippard Jr. (D)
 271  Jack, Wise  John H. Fostel* (D)
 273  Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby  Louie Des Champs (R)  Charles Mitchell* (D)
 274 Comal, Guadalupe, Hays  Gary L. Steel* (R)
 275 Hildago Juan R. Partida* (D)
49.52% Primary
74.49% Runoff
 276  Camp, Marion, Morris, Titus  Robert Rolston* (D)
 277 Williamson  Stacy Mathews* (R)
Appointed by Gov Perry 10/7/13
57.96% in March Primary
 278 Walker, Leon, Madison Hal R. Ridley (R)
54% in March Primary
 279  Jefferson  Randy Shelton* (D)
 280 Harris  Lynn Bradshaw-Hull* (R) Barbara J. Stalder (D)
60.79% in March Primary
 281 Harris  Sylvia Matthews* (R) Tanner Garth (D)
 282 Dallas Amber Givens (D)
64.50% in March Primary
 283 Dallas  Rick Magnis* (D)
52.09% in March Primary
 284 Montgomery  Cara Wood* (R)
 285 Bexar  Richard Price* (R)  Raymond Villareal (D)
 286 Cochran, Hockley  Jay M. “Pat” Phelan* (R)
 287 Bailey, Parmer  Gordon H. Green* (D)
 288 Bexar  Solomon Casseb III* (R)  James Rickerson (D)
 289 Bexar  Daphne J. Previti Austin (R)  Carmen Kelsey* (D)
 290 Bexar  Melisa Skinner* (R)  Jennifer K. Pena (D)
 291 Dallas  Jennifer Balido* (R) Stephanie N. Mitchell (D)
59.80% in March Primary
 292 Dallas  Janet Cook (R) Brandon Birmingham (D)
51.66% in March Primary
 293 Dimmit, Maverick, Zavala  Cynthia Muniz* (D)
 294 Van Zandt  Teresa Drum* (R)
 295 Harris  Caroline Baker* (R)  Latosha Lewis (D)
 296 Collin  John Roach, Jr.* (R)
 297 Tarrant  David Hagerman (R)
60.62% in March Primary
 Gwinda Burns (D)
 298 Dallas  Emily Tobolowsky* (D)
 299 Travis  Karen Sage* (D)
 300 Brazoria Randall Hufstetler* (R)
 301 Dallas Mary Brown (D)
64.22% in March Primary
 302 Dallas  Tena Callahan* (D)
 303 Dallas  Dennise Garcia* (D)
 304 Dallas Andrea Martin (D)
68.97% in March Primary
 305 Dallas  Cheryl Lee Shannon* (D)
Galveston  Anne Darring (R)
33.78% Primary
54.4% Runoff
 307 Gregg  Tim Womack* (R)
 308 Harris  James Lombardino* (R) James “Jim” Evans (D)
66.63% in March Primary
 309 Harris  Sheri Y. Dean* (R)  Kathleen “Kathy” Vossler (D)
 310 Harris  Lisa Millard* (R)
 311 Harris  Alicia Franklin (R)
23.16% Primary
77.4% Runoff
 Sherri L. Cothrun (D)
 312 Harris  David Farr* (R)
 313 Harris  Glenn Devlin* (R)  Tracy D. Good (D)
 314 Harris  John F. Phillips* (R)  Natalia Oakes (D)
 315 Harris  Michael “Mike” Schneider, Jr.* (R)
 316 Hutchinson  John LaGrone* (R)
Not seeking re-election

James M. Mosley (R)
 317 Jefferson  Jolei Shipley (R)  Larry Thorne* (D)
 318 Midland David Lindemood (R)
62.41% in March Primary
 319 Nueces  David Stith* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 8/28/13
 Michele Villarreal-Kuchta (D)
 320 Potter  Don Emerson* (R)
 321 Smith  Carole Clark* (R)
64.78% in March Primary
 322 Tarrant  Nancy Berger* (R)
 323 Tarrant  Timothy A. Menikos (R)
 324 Tarrant  Jerome “Jerry” Hennigan* (R)
 325 Tarrant  Judith G. Wells* (R)
 326 Taylor  Paul Rotenberry (R)
61% in March Primary
 327 El Paso  Linda Chew* (D)
 328 Fort Bend  Ronald R. Pope* (R)
 329 Wharton  Randy M. Clapp* (R)
 330 Dallas  Andrea Plumlee* (D)
73.66% in March Primary
 331 Travis  David Crain* (D)
 334 Harris Samuel “Grant” Dorfman* (R)  Daryl Moore (D)
 355 Hood  Ralph H. Walton, Jr.* (R)
 357 Cameron Oscar X. Garcia* (R) Juan A. Magallanes (D)
50.38% in March Primary
 358 Ector W. Stacy Trotter (R)
 359 Montgomery  Kathleen A. Hamilton* (R)
 361 Brazos  Steve Smith* (R)
57.8% in March Primary
 363 Dallas  Tracy Holmes* (D)
70.80% in March Primary
 364 Lubbock  Billy Eichman (R)
 365 Dimmit, Maverick, Zavala  Amado Abascal* (D)
 366 Collin  Ray Wheless* (R)
 367 Denton  Margaret Barnes* (R)  David Heiman (D)
Williamson  Rick Kennon* (R)
Appointed by Gov Perry 10/7/13
50.03% in March Primary
 369 Anderson, Cherokee  Bascom W. Bentley, III* (R)
 370 Hildago Noe Gonzalez* (D)
 371 Tarrant  Mollee Westfall* (R)
 372 Tarrant  Scott Wisch* (R)
 377 Victoria Eli Garza (R)
 385 Midland  Robin Malone Darr* (R)
 397 Grayson  Brian Keith Gary* (R)
 403 Travis  Brenda Kennedy* (D)
 412 Brazoria  Edwin Denman* (R)
 414 McLennan  Vicki Menard* (R)
 417 Collin  Cynthia Wheless* (R)
 419 Travis  Orlinda Naranjo* (D)
 424 Llano Evan Stubbs (R)
66% in March Primary
 428 Hays  William “Bill” Henry* (R)
 429 Collin  Jill R. Willis* (R)
 432 Tarrant  Ruben Gonzalez, Jr.* (R)
50.79% in March Primary
 436 Bexar  Lisa Jarrett* (R)  Eddie Bravenec (D)
 437 Bexar  Lori I. Valenzuela* (R)
 441 Midland  Rodney W. Satterwhite* (R)
 452 Edwards, Kimble, Mason, McCulloch, Menard  Robert Hofmann* (R)
Appointed by Gov. Perry 8/29/13
69.88% in March Primary


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