Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5

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Dana Huffman
Richard "Scott" Walker
(R-Fort Worth)

Candidate (L)
Candidate (G)
Candidate (I)

Campaign Mailing Address1143 Rockingham Dr.
Suite 107
Richardson, TX 75080

201 West 14th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Campaign Phone
Social Media Linkstwitter
Current OccupationJustice, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Years of Texas ResidencyNative Texan
Lifetime resident
JD School & YearTexas A&M School of Law
(then Texas Wesleyan University)
Baylor University
School of Law

Other EducationStephen F. Austin State University
BBS  Economics/Finance
Dallas Baptist University
B.S. (with honors)
Year of State Bar Licensure19951998
Legal Experience - NonjudicialProsecutor for three cities

Private Practice
Law Office of Dana D. Huffman
18 years, prior to joining the Court in 2016.

Private law practice
Criminal defense & litigation
Attorney of record on 1,000+ criminal cases
First chair: 40+ district court jury trials
Authored 100+ appellate briefs
Civil Defense
Veteran’s Disability
Criminal Litigation
Jury Trial ExperienceFirst chair on 40+ district court jury trials
Appellate Judicial Experience2016 to present
Other Judicial Experiencemunicipal judge and magistrate for five cities
Board Certifications
Courts AdmittedTexas State Courts

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas
Honors and Awards
Prior Elections2016 General Election
54.75% win against 3 opponents

2016 Republican Primary Runoff
58% win

2016 Republican Primary
41.48% lead against 3 opponents
Most Recent Bar PollsState Bar (Feb '22)
State Bar (Feb '22)
Key Endorsements (Max 5)2016 Endorsements

United Republicans of Harris County
Texas Petroleum PAC
Jeff Kearney – Kearney, Wynn, Fort Worth
George Milner III – Milner, Finn, Price, Dallas
Tim Evans – Evans, Daniel, Moore, Evans & Biggs, Fort Worth
Judicial Philosophy (Max 250 words)

2016 - As a judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Judge Scott Walker has diligently upheld the laws of the State of Texas and the United States.  He strongly believes in the separation of powers.  He is ardently opposed to legislation from the bench.  According to Judge Walker, “the role of the judiciary is to uphold the law and sometimes interpret ambiguities in the law, but not to make law.”  As an appellate judge, Judge Scott Walker always adheres to the Constitution.  He strives to ensure that all parties receive a fair and just review of all cases heard at the Court of Criminal Appeals.  Judge Scott Walker diligently performs his duties as a judge with the highest degree of ethics, morals, and values.

MiscCity of Richardson Animal Shelter Advisory Commission, the Take Me Home Pet Rescue Board, the Richardson Humane Society, and volunteering for Respect-A-Bull, an anti-bullying organization

In addition to upholding the laws and Constitutions of Texas and the United States, because Judge Walker’s Christian faith is very important to him, he is determined to uphold the laws of God as well.  Two verses that have come to mean a lot to him and which he is committed to following are:

Amos 5:15, “Hate evil, love good, and maintain justice in the courts.”

2 Chronicles 19:6-7, “Consider what you do…for there is no injustice with the Lord our God…”

Date Submitted by CandidateData gathered from public sources and/or previous profiles.

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