2024 – 10th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice

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Candidate (D-city)
Tom Gray* (R-city)

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Texas Bar Card Number08329400
Campaign Mailing Address
Campaign Phone
Campaign Website
Social Media Linkstwitter
Current Occupation
Chief Justice, 10th Court of Appeals
since 2003
Justice on this court since 1999
Years of Texas Residency
JD School & YearBaylor University School of Law
1985 (with honors)
Other Education
BBA, Sam Houston State University
1978 (with honors)

MBA, Accounting
Texas A&M University
Year of State Bar Licensure
Legal Experience - Nonjudicial
  • Attorney, Dawson & Sodd [Corsicana] (1985-88)
  • Attorney, Fulbright & Jaworsk (international law firm, Dallas] (1988-98)
Jury Trial Experience
Appellate Judicial Experience
  • Chief Justice, 10th Court of Appeals (since 2003)
  • Justice, 10th Court of Appeals (since 1999)
Other Judicial ExperienceMunicipal Court Judge, City of Rice (Appointed 1998, 1-year)
Board Certifications
Courts Admitted
Honors and Awards
Prior Elections
Most Recent Bar Polls
Key Endorsements (Max 5)
Judicial Philosophy (Max 250 words)Tom is a conservative Republican who has worked to improve the efficiency and speed of the judicial process without abandoning common sense or well-reasoned decisions. He believes in “judicial restraint.” He feels that judges should follow the law, not legislate from the bench. He believes in the constitutionally guaranteed rights of those accused of crimes, but also recognizes the rights of the State and the victims of crimes as well.

Tom believes that all persons have the right to have their legitimate complaints resolved in a system of justice which has procedures and rules designed to efficiently discover the truth and to have the disputed facts decided by a jury. However, no person has the right to use the judicial system as a means to coerce a settlement through a wholly frivolous lawsuit. To Tom, "equal protection under the law" is more than just a nice sounding slogan because it is the touchstone of
a judicial system that is consistent and that does not give special favor based on status or position.
  • First Republican ever elected to 10th Court of Appeals in an open seat contested election
  • Member, Supreme Court Advisory Committee (2003-present)
  • CPA, Deloitte Haskins & Sells (1980-83); 3 years experience auditing, accounting and consulting experience with a “Big Eight” international accounting firm
  • Tom is responsible for the office and financial management of the Court which is the "business" side of the Court
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