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Judicial races are “down ballot.” What this means is that they’re typically at the end of a very long list of items needing voters’ attention. The Texas Civil Justice League is reminding Texans that ballot fatigue is bad for our state — we are urging voters to become educated and to vote all the way through their ballots. Join us and help your circle of influence understand that:

  • Judges are important. They have a direct impact on citizens, perhaps more than any other elected official, because they make decisions that can affect jobs, homes, children and personal freedoms.
  • Voters must take the responsibility to educate themselves about judicial races. And they must vote! Turnout is important, for both the primaries and the general election.
  • Texans need to elect judges who are fair, impartial and well qualified. It’s easy to run as a single-issue candidate, but judges with activist agendas are not good for Texas. Learn about the people on your ballot and vote for the ones who will do a great job for our state.

The Texas Civil Justice League (TCJL) hosts this statewide voter education effort to increase awareness about the importance of electing –and re-electing — qualified judges. We need your help.

As Texans, we get to elect our judges. That’s a big responsibility. Help us urge people to do their homework, to go to the polls, and to vote for good people who will make great judges.

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