2024 – 13th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice

Court & PlaceDemocratRepublicanNotes/Other
Dori Contreras* (D-city)
Candidate (R-city)

Candidate (L)
Candidate (G)
Candidate (I)

Texas Bar Card Number17992450
Campaign Mailing Address
Campaign Phone
Campaign Website
Social Media Linkstwitter
Current Occupation
Years of Texas Residency
JD School & YearUniversity of Houston Law Center
Other Education
B.B.A., Accounting
University of Texas at Austin
Year of State Bar Licensure1990
Legal Experience - Nonjudicial
  • Civil trial lawyer for 12 years handling personal injury and employment discrimination cases
  • Owned a mediation service called Professional Dispute Resolution from 1997 to 2002
Jury Trial Experience
Appellate Judicial Experience
Other Judicial Experience
Board Certifications
Courts Admitted
  • Texas State Courts
  • U.S. Dist. Court for the Southern Dist. of Texas
Honors and Awards
  • Judge of the Year, 2016, Hispanic Issues Section of State Bar of Texas
  • Distinguished Service Award, University of Houston Law Center
Prior Elections
Most Recent Bar Polls
Key Endorsements (Max 5)
Judicial Philosophy (Max 250 words)My objective as a jurist is to make a fair and thorough assessment of each case and apply the rule of law in a just manner. I am not a conservative or a liberal. During my fifteen years on the Court, I have established a record of being fair and balanced, hardworking and ethical. I will carry this work ethic to the Chief Justice position and perform my duties accordingly.
Date Submitted by Candidate

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