2024 – Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7

Republican Primary Race in March
General Election Race in November

Court & PlaceRepublicanRepublicanDemocratNotes

Barbara Hervey*
(R-San Antonio)

Gina Parker

Nancy Mulder

Mark Ash (L)
Texas Bar Card Number000000111548470000792971
Campaign Mailing Address5015 Fort Ave, Waco, TX 7671213901 Midway Road #102 PMB198
Farmers Branch, Texas 75244
Campaign Contact(254) 913-5911
Campaign Websitewebsitewebsitewebsite
Social Media Linkstwitter

Current OccupationJudge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7
Since 2000
General Manager: Dental Creations
Attorney: Gina Parker, Attorney at Law
Criminal District Court #6
Years of Texas Residency62 years
JD School & YearSt. Mary's University

Baylor University

St. Mary's University
Other EducationB.A., University of North Carolina at GreensboroB.B.A , Baylor University
Year of State Bar Licensure19791987
Legal Experience - Nonjudicial
  • Private practice for 5 years with the Law Office of M.M. Pena, Jr. of San Antonio
  • Assistant Criminal District Attorney in the appellate section of the Bexar County District Attorney's Office for 16 years
•Private Practice, 1991-present (32 years)
•Assistant County Attorney, Bell County 1987-1990
•City Attorney, Robinson 1988-1989

•Private Practice, Criminal Defense
•Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County

Jury Trial Experience
Appellate Judicial Experience
Other Judicial ExperienceDallas County Criminal Court 4
Dallas County Criminal Court 4
Board Certifications
Courts Admitted
Honors and Awards
  • Appellate Advocacy Award from Region VI, Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the San Antonio Police Officers Association
  • Rosewood Gavel, St. Mary's School of Law
•National Eagle Forum Award, for Dedicated Work in Support of the US Constitution
Prior Elections2018 - 54% vs Ramona Franklin (D)
2012- 78% vs Mark Bennett (L)

•2020 against Bert Richardson for Place 3, TX CT of Criminal Appeals. Almost 49% of the vote.

Most Recent Bar Polls2024 - 1,996 37%2024 - 851 16%2024 - 1,730 32%2024 - 867 16%
Key Endorsements (Max 5)•Attorney General Ken Paxton
•Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller
•State Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson
•Montgomery County Tea Party
•Texas for Responsible Judges PAC
Judicial Philosophy (Max 250 words)

We need judges like Justice Antonin Scalia that will uphold the rule of law and not legislate from the bench. While Justice Scalia has passed away, he remains the justice that I most respect because he ardently believed in strict constitutional interpretation as opposed to viewing the Constitution as an evolving document subject to the social and political currents of the times. Justice Scalia speaking at SMU in 2013, unequivocally declared that the “Constitution is not a living document.” He said, “It is dead, dead, dead.” I agree with Justice Scalia.

MiscChair of the Grants Committee and the Criminal Justice Integrity Unit and is a member of the Rules Committee for the Court of Criminal Appeals

Adjunct Professor, St. Mary's University

Author and speaker for over 450 lectures and legal seminars
•Chair and commissioner, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, 8 years•Co-Chair of the Step-Up Jail Pre-Trial Release Program
•Fluent in Spanish
•former Dallas County Party Precinct Chair
Date Submitted by CandidateGathered from public info1/5/24Gathered from public info

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