2024 – Supreme Court, Place 2

Democratic Primary Race in March
General Election Race in November

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Jimmy Blacklock*

DaSean Jones

Texas Bar Card Number0000000524078750
Campaign Mailing AddressJimmy Blacklock Campaign
P.O. Box 1588
Austin, TX 78767
DaSean Jones for Judge
2450 Louisiana Street
Suite 400, Box 506
Houston TX 77006
Campaign Contactcontact@jimmyblacklock.comdjones@daseanjones.com.
Campaign Websitejimmyblacklock.comdaseanfortexas.com
Social Media Linksfacebook
Current OccupationJustice, Texas Supreme Court
Place 2
180th Criminal District Court
Years of Texas ResidencyNative Texan
JD School & YearYale Law School
President, Yale Law Republicans
Texas Southern University
Other EducationB.A. History
University of Texas at Austin
Tuskegee University
Year of State Bar Licensure20052011
Legal Experience - Nonjudicial• General Counsel, Governor of Texas (2017)
• Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel, Texas Attorney General (2012-2017)
• Special Assistant & Senior Counsel, Texas Attorney General (2010-2012)
• Assistant Solicitor General, Texas Attorney General (2009-2010)
• Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice (2008-2009)
• Attorney, Vinson and Elkins (2006-09)
• Deputy Attorney General, Texas
• Law Clerk, Judge Jerry E. Smith, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit (2005-06)
US Army 1st Legal Operations Detachment (“LOD”) (Legal Assistance);22nd LOD (Trial Defense Counsel), the 420 Engineer Brigade (Assistant Brigade Judge Advocate), a Team Chief in the 87th LOD (Special Victims Counsel)

The Command Judge Advocate for a Training Command, Senior Trial Counsel for the 377th Theater Sustainment Command, and currently a military judge.
Jury Trial Experience
Appellate Judicial ExperienceJustice, Texas Supreme Court
Place 2
January 2017 to present
Other Judicial ExperienceDistrict Judge
Board Certifications
Courts AdmittedUS Supreme Court
US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
Texas Northern District Court
Texas Southern District Court
Texas Western District Court
Texas Eastern District Court
Texas Northern District Court
Texas Southern District Court
Honors and Awards
Prior Elections

2018 General Election
53% against 1 opponent

2024 Primary Election
60% v Randy Sarosdy
2022 General Election
50.02% against 1 opponent
2018 General Election
54% against 1 opponent
Most Recent Bar Polls2024- 2,538 45%2024- 1,883 33%
Key Endorsements (Max 5)
Judicial Philosophy (Max 250 words)jimmyblacklock.com/judicial-philosophy/As a Judge, he believes that "fair is fair" and the law must be applied as it is written and not adjusted or abated to support subjective interests. Financial status, connections, and other variables not available to everyone should not come into play in regard to the administration of justice.
MiscFederalist SocietyLt. Colonel, US Army Reserve
Tuskegee University ROTC
Nat'l Society of Pershing Rifles Drill Team
Military Service
Date Submitted by CandidateGathered from public sourcesGathered from public sources

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