248th District Court

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Hilary Unger*

Julian Ramirez

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Campaign Mailing AddressJulian Ramirez Campaign PO Box 55484 Houston, TX 77255
Campaign Phone(832) 292-1710
Campaign Websitewww.julianramirezforjudge.com
Social Media Linkstwitter
Current OccupationAttorney
Years of Texas Residency58
JD School & YearUniversity of Texas School of Law
Other EducationB. A. University of Texas
Year of State Bar Licensure1989
Legal Experience - NonjudicialAssistant District Attorney, Harris County
Attorney in private practice
Jury Trial Experience150+ first-chair felony jury trials ranging from death penalty capital murders to DWI
Appellate Judicial Experience
Other Judicial Experience
Board Certifications
Courts Admitted
Honors and Awards
Prior Elections
Most Recent Bar Polls
Key Endorsements (Max 5)C Club of Houston
Houston Region Business Coalition
Houston Police Officers Union
National Latino Peace Officers Association
Hispanic Republicans of Texas
Judicial Philosophy (Max 250 words)First and foremost, a judge should administer the law fairly and impartially to all parties who come before the court. In setting bail, a judge should consider the factors set out in the Code of Criminal Procedure, including the safety of the community, the victim, and law enforcement, and avoid using bail as an instrument of oppression. Judges are law-followers, not policy makers. Thus, a judge should not pick sides, engineer outcomes, or enact their own personal agenda in place of laws passed by our duly elected legislators and signed into law by our governor. A judge should ensure that the constitutional and statutory rights of the defendant are honored and that all who enter the court are treated with dignity and respect. A judge should manage the court’s docket efficiently, try cases regularly, and be on time. In managing the court’s docket, a judge should be mindful of the demands placed upon the lawyers, jurors, witnesses, and court staff who participate in proceedings.
MiscAt the Harris County District Attorney\'s Office I was chief over the public integrity and civil rights divisions for several years and also headed up divisions within the Trial Bureau. I have had extensive experience conducting grand jury investigations, drafting search warrants, and consulting on police investigations. I taught search and seizure and other topics at the Houston Police Academy for several years. I have also taught fellow prosecutors in-house and at state conferences.
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