Editor’s note/disclosure:  Former Representative Rick Green is challenging incumbent Justice Paul Green in the Republican primary. Justice Paul Green (R) has served on the Court since 2004, and has been endorsed by Texas Civil Justice League PAC.

Friends and Fellow Patriots,

For months I’ve been approached by conservative leaders across Texas and asked to consider running for Texas Supreme Court.

Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about it at first. I have a fantastic job and my family is loving the opportunity we have to live out the liberty that we are given. My family has been blessed with opportunities to travel across the country and teach Americans about the Constitution and our founding fathers. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But as the calls continued, my children started reminding me of the principle I have taught them: that every generation is in desperate need of leaders willing to sacrifice convenience for the sake of liberty.

Today we have a Supreme Court, both nationally and at times in Texas, which has ignored the rule of law, has trampled on marriage and has refused to stand for the very freedom upon which our nation was founded.

The deliberate violation of separation of powers is a threat to the liberty we all cherish. It’s time to put a constitutional watchdog on the Supreme Court.

I am answering the call today with my family by my side, excited about the challenge and opportunity ahead. I NEED your support.

Will you consider endorsing our campaign today?

The grassroots have risen up across our state and elected strong conservative leaders like Ted Cruz and Dan Patrick, we must continue that momentum. Texans want defenders of constitutional rights, not politicians who bend to the political winds.

If you agree with me, then please consider making a $5, $25 or $50 donation to kick our campaign off.

Join our Facebook page and share it with everyone you know, encouraging them to do the same as we built momentum across the state.

Keeping watch for you,

– Rick Green     http://www.rickgreen4texas.com/ 

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