2016 COMPARE: Keasler v Davis (R)


Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Plc 6

 Mike Keasler (R)*
michael keasler
Richard Davis  (R)
Current Job  Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 Attorney At Law
Website judgekeasler.com
Social Media
Undergraduate University of Texas at Austin, B.A. 1964
Juris Doctor University of Texas School of Law, 1967 Baylor Law School, 1982
Party Affiliation Republican Republican
Year of State
Bar Licensure
Judicial Experience –
17+ years
Judicial Experience – Other 17 years, State District Judge (292nd District Court, Dallas)
Legal Experience
 12 years, Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County Texas (Senior Felony Chief Prosecutor, Career Criminal Division)
Admitted U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, 1968; U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, 1969; U.S. Supreme Court, 1975.
Legal and Judicial Honors  Chair, State Bar Judicial Section, Texas Center for the Judiciary’s Board of Directors, ABA State Trial Judges’ Ethics Committee, Dallas County Criminal District Judges, the Dallas County Juvenile Board, and Dallas Bar Association Criminal Law Section.Presiding Local Administrative JudgeDean, Texas College of Advanced Judicial Studies.Currently serving on the board of the State Bar Judicial Section and as Court of Criminal Appeals liaison to the State Bar Board of Directors.National Judicial College – faculty since 1992, served on the Faculty Council, April, 2002 Robert H. Jackson Lecturer.Member, The American Law Institute

Fellow, American Bar Foundation.

Teaches judicial ethics, constitutional criminal law, standards of appellate review, and statutory construction to judges nationally.

Last Judicial
Election Win %
Election Win -61% to 39%
None. Judge for 34+ years.
Recent Bar
Poll Rankings
Won 2016 State Bar of Texas Judicial Preference Poll.  1st place of 4 candidates.
Key Endorsements 8 Former State Bar Presidents: Buck Files, Guy Harrison,Darrell Jordan, Lloyd Lochridge, Harriet Miers,Richard Pena, Charles L. Smith, Lisa TatumTom Phillips, Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of TexasFormer Justices, Supreme Court of Texas Scott Brister, Craig Enoch, and Deborah


Bryan Garner, editor of Black’s Law Dictionary and co-author, with Justice Scalia, of               Making Your Case, and Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts

District Attorneys:

Teresa Clingman, Midland County

Kenda Culpepper, Rockwall County

James Farren, Randall County

Conservative Republicans of Harris County

United Republicans of Harris County

DFW Conservative Voters

Montgomery County Tea Party

Texas Patriots Tea Party

The Dallas Morning News

The San Antonio Express News

Steve Hollern, Former Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman

Cathie Adams, 23 year President, Texas Eagle Forum

Hector DeLeon, Co-Chairman, Associated Republicans of Texas

San Antonio Police Officers Association

Texas Republican Assembly

Houston Realty Business Coalition

John R. Coppedge, M.D.

The “C” club

Judicial Philosophy  Judicial Philosophy – I believe strongly in judicial restraint, and, like Justice Scalia, I am a textualist.  Appellate courts should look to the plain meaning of a statute rather than attempting to psychoanalyze the legislature to determine some unspoken “legislative intent.”  Judges should not create law in the name of statutory construction. I use logic, common sense, and plain language in crafting judicial opinions.  Following and protecting the Constitution.  He believes strongly that a jury of citizens is essential to the freedom as well as the security of Texans.  Strong supporter of the 2nd. Amendment and every citizen’s right to self-protection.  Dedicated to individual responsibility, and to fair application of the law.
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