2016 COMPARE: Paul Green* (R) v. Rick Green (R), Place 5


Texas Supreme Court
Place 5

Paul W. Green* (R-San Antonio)
paul green

 Rick Green (R-Dripping Springs)

Current Occupation  Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 5  Attorney, Speaker, Author
Website texansforjusticepaulgreen.com http://rickgreen4texas.com/
Undergraduate  University of Texas at Austin, 1974  Angelo State University, 1991
Juris Doctor  St. Mary’s School of Law, 1977  University of Texas Law School  
Party Affiliation Republican Republican 
Year of State
Bar Licensure
 1977 1997 
Judicial Experience –
22 years.
10 years on Texas 4th Court of Appeals,
12 years on Texas Supreme Court 
Judicial Experience –
All 22 years judicial experience has been at the appellate level.  None
Legal Experience and Positions Held
17 years private litigation practice
President, San Antonio Bar Association; Director, State Bar of Texas;
House of Delegates of the American Bar Association;
Member, American Law Institute;
Member, American Judicature Society;
Life Fellow of the Austin, San Antonio, Texas and American Bar Foundations.
Private legal practice
Texas House of Representatives 1999-2003
Licensed mediator
Admitted 11/11/1977  05/06/1994 
Judicial and Legal Honors St. Mary’s University Law School Distinguished Law Graduate;
Recipient, Rosewood Gavel Award for Achievement in the Judiciary. 
 1999 Texas House Freshman of the Year
Last Judicial
Election %
2010 General Election: 60.02% against 2 challengers.
2010 Republican Primary for Supreme Court: 18.95% against 5 opponents, went to runoff.  48.16% in the runoff. 
Recent Bar
Poll Rankings
  Won 2016 Texas State Bar Judicial Preference Poll with 41%, out of 5 candidates.
2016 green
2016 green 
Key Endorsements  Texas Civil Justice League PAC, Jobs for Texas PAC, Texas Bipartisan Justice Cmte PAC, Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, numerous former Supreme Court Justices. Chuck Norris, David Barton, Matthew Staver, Kelly Shackelford, Cathie Adams, Carol Everett, Dr. James Dobson, Sid Miller, Tim Lambert, Kirk Cameron. 
Judicial Philosophy I am a “judicial conservative,” which means that I honor the oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States, and of this State” by faithfully following the law as it was enacted by the Legislature or enshrined by the people in the Constitution; not by making it up. Rick is an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and teacher on the proper jurisdictions of the government as outlined in the Constitution 
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