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Information is updated as candidate data becomes available. All information gathered from public sources and may not yet be approved by the candidate. Please send any corrections to info@tcjl.com.
*denotes Incumbent

2018 Judicial Candidate Profiles

SUPREME COURT OF TEXAS:  9 Justices, Statewide, Based in Austin

Place 2:  Steven Kirkland (D) v. Jimmy Blacklock* (R)

Place 4:  R.K. Sandill (D) v. John Devine* (R)

Place 6:  Kathy Cheng (D) v. Jeff Brown* (R)

TEXAS COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS:  9 Justices, Statewide, Based in Austin

Presiding Judge:  Maria T. “Terri” Jackson (D) v. Sharon Keller* (R) v. Bill Strange III (L)

Place 7:  Ramona Franklin (D) v. Barbara Parker Hervey* (R)

Place 8 OPEN SEATMichelle Slaughter (R) v. Mark Ash (L)

1st Court of Appeals:  9 Justices, 10 Counties, Based in Houston
Concurrent Jurisdiction with 14th Court

Place 2:  Gordon Goodman (D) v Jane Bland* (R)

Place 6:  Sarah Beth Landau (D) v. Harvey G. Brown* (R)

Place 7:  Julie Countiss (D) v. Terry Wayne Yates (R)

Place 8:  Richard Hightower (D) v. Michael C. Massengale* (R)

Place 9:  Peter Kelly (D) v. Jennifer V. Caughey* (R)

2nd Court of Appeals:  7 Justices, 12 Counties, Based in Fort Worth

Chief Justice:  Bonnie Sudderth* (R)

Place 4 OPEN SEAT: Wade Birdwell* (R)

Place 5:  Delonia A. Watson (D) v. Dabney Bassel (R)

Place 6:  Mark T. Pittman* (R)  

3rd Court of Appeals:  6 Justices, 24 Counties, Based in Austin

Place 2:  Edward Smith (D) v. Cindy Olson Bourland* (R)

Place 3:  Chari Kelly (D) v. Scott Field* (R)

Place 5:  Thomas J. Baker (D) v. David Puryear* (R)

Place 6:  Gisela Triana (D) v. Mike Toth* (R)

4th Court of Appeals:  7 Justices, 32 Counties, Based in San Antonio

Place 2:  Beth Watkins (D) v. Marialyn Barnard* (R)

Place 3:  Patricia O’Connell Alvarez* (D) v. Jason Pulliam (R)

Place 4:  Luz Elena D. Chapa* (D) v. Patrick Ballantyne (R)

Place 5 OPEN SEAT: Liza Rodriguez (D) v. Rebecca Simmons (R)

Place 7:  Rebeca A. Martinez* (D) v. Shane Stolarczyk (R)

5th Court of Appeals:  13 Justices, 6 Counties, Based in Dallas

Chief Justice OPEN SEAT:  Robert Burns (D) v. Douglas S. Lang (R)

Place 2:   Robbie Partida-Kipness (D) v. David Evans* (R)

Place 5:   Erin Nowell (D) v. Craig Stoddart* (R)

Place 9:   Bill Pedersen (D) v. Jason Boatright* (R)

Place 10:  Amanda Reichek (D) v. Molly Francis* (R)

Place 11 OPEN SEAT:  Cory Carlyle (D) v.  John G. Browning (R)

Place 12 OPEN SEATKen Molberg (D) v. Jim Pikl (R)

Place 13:  Leslie Lester Osborne (D) v. Elizabeth Lang-Miers* (R) 

6th Court of Appeals:  3 Justices, 19 Counties, Based in Texarkana

Place 2:  OPEN SEAT:  Scott Stevens (R)

7th Court of Appeals:  4 Justices, 32 Counties, Based in Amarillo

Place 2:   Judy Parker* (R)

Place 3:   Pat Pirtle* (R)

8th Court of Appeals:  3 Justices, 18 Counties, Based in El Paso

Place 2:  Yvonne Rodriguez* (D)

Place 3:  Gina M. Palafox* (D)

9th Court of Appeals:  4 Justices, 10 Counties, Based in Beaumont

Place 3:   Leanne Johnson* (R)

Place 4:   Hollis Horton* (R) 

10th Court of Appeals:  3 Justices, 18 Counties, Based in Waco

Chief Justice:   Tom Gray* (R) 

11th Court of Appeals:  3 Justices, 28 Counties, Based in Eastland

Chief Justice:   John Bailey* (R)

Place 3:   (Pending Vacancy) Frank Stamey (R)

12th Court of Appeals:  3 Justices, 17 Counties, Based in Tyler

Place 3:  Greg Neeley* (R) 

13th Court of Appeals:  6 Justices, 20 Counties, Based in Corpus Christi & Edinburg

Chief Justice OPEN SEAT: Dori Contreras (D) v. Ernest “Ernie” Aliseda (R)

Place 2:   Nora Longoria* (D) v. Greg Perkes (R)

Place 4:   Rudy Delgado (D) v. Jaime Tijerina (R)

Place 5:   Gina M. Benavides* (D) v. Clarissa Silva (R)

14th Court of Appeals:  9 Justices, 10 Counties, Based in Houston
Concurrent Jurisdiction with 1st Court

Place 3:   Jerry Zimmerer (D) v. Brett Busby* (R)

Place 4:   Charles Spain (D) v. Marc Brown* (R)

Place 5:   Frances Bourliot (D) v. Martha Hill Jamison* (R)

Place 6:   Meagan Hassan (D) v. Bill Boyce* (R)

Place 8:   Margaret “Meg” Poissant (D) v. John Donovan* (R)

2016 Judicial Candidate Profiles


November General Election Races (held November 8, 2016)


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